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Amara Baby Food - Packaging and Photography



Amara Baby Food

Summer 2015  |  Puerto Varas, Patagonia, Chile

Art Direction  |  Packaging Design  |  Photography

One of the most exciting jobs I ever had came in the summer of 2015. My love for travel and design found a dream internship in the form of Amara Baby Food. Amara is a start-up organic baby food company. When I joined the team, Amara was in it's fifth year of operations, and seeing growing sales each quarter. The market for baby food is huge, and Amara was/is revolutionizing the way babies eat.


In the past there was an emphasis on 2-dimensional cartoon fruit that did not truly represent what was inside the package. The shift was a focus on displaying REAL fruit on the packaging to express the ingredients of the package. A unique part of the Amara products is that the food you see on the package is the baby food inside, zero additives or substitutes. Amara's promise is "what you see is what you get. No gimmicks."


A few select shots from a photoshoot we had with the goal of getting more shots for Amara's social media presence. It was fun getting to work with the co-founder's daughter, Amara, who the company was named after!