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BMW ConnectedDrive - Connected or Not


BMW ConnectedDrive - "Connected or Not"

Spring 2017 | Austin, TX

Art Direction | Photography | Design | Print

Work completed while a student at Job Propulsion Lab portfolio school. Worked with copywriter Wes Andrews.


BMW ConnectedDrive connects BMW drivers with road in a way unlike any navigation or car app. It fully integrates your life to your car and allows you to travel with tremendous ease, no matter where you're going. Copywriter Wes Andrews and I were challenged with presenting a print ad for BMW ConnectedDrive to show the superior experience of driving with this technology. After countless brainstorming sessions the idea became simple: driving with ConnectedDrive looks different than anything else. You're either connected or you're not.


For the piece, I executed photography, photo editing, layout/composition and overall art direction.

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OOH: Lenticular Billboard

For good measure, we thought about how we could use the same visual in strategically located billboards. Adding the lenticular aspect allowed passersby to interact more than a typical billboard. (Below is what you would see on moving from left to right)