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Darn Tough Socks - Branding and Packaging

darn tough socks lettering-05.png

Darn Tough Socks

Fall 2017 | Austin, TX

Branding | Packaging Design | Art Direction | Silver Award for the Graphis New Talent Annual 2018

Work completed while a student at Job Propulsion Lab portfolio school. Work completed with copywriter Wes Andrews.


Darn Tough is a sock company based out of Northfield, Vermont. The socks have an unconditional guarantee to last a lifetime. We took this into account with all the materials.


The goal for the logo was to make the brand feel playful, casual and not taking itself too serious, yet still have craft and demand respect.

Primary Logo

darn tough final identity-01.png


darn tough final identity-03.png

Package Design

The packaging for Darn Tough was designed to express the durability of the product in a time-capsule style container. The back of the packaging includes a warning for anyone who is considering purchasing the toughest socks ever made.

Anniversary Stickers

In celebration of the upcoming 40-year anniversary for Darn Tough Socks, I designed stickers to commemorate the anniversary. The style was aligned with the re-branding and art direction for the project.