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Great Plains Coffee Company

Spring 2019 |  Austin, TX

Branding | Collateral | Packaging

Branding for a new mobile coffee shop.

About: Born in New York. Inspired by the road.

Motorhome Coffee was created on the dream of two brothers with two loves: travel and coffee. Living out of their old family winnebago, the brothers -- Kevin and Jacob -- were inspired after meeting a small town coffee roaster outside Joshua Tree. Starting with a used popcorn machine and an old RV, they began experimenting as if they were in Breaking Bad. Now, it's time for the brothers to bring they're creation to the people and show others how grit and determination makes a great product. Motorhome Coffee will start off as a subscription based coffee provider with the goal to become a full-on mobile coffee truck. These brothers want every Motorhome customer to fall in love with their coffee on the first sip. Website design in process!


Motorhome wanted a mark the could stamp on their goods show the quality and hard work they put in to their coffee. Below is what we landed on as the final product.

great plains-0a7-07.png


Branding Collateral