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Kingdom Home Builders - Branding & UX


Kingdom Home Builders

Summer 2016  |  Edmond, OK

Branding  |  UX/UI Design  |  Art Direction  |  Design

Branding and UX/UI Design for a local home building company. Completed during my internship at Nominee Design Studio.


Kingdom Homes needed an identity that better matched their personality. The company's new identity was inspired by cross beams, a building method that is characterized by strength and ingenuity. The owners identify with these qualities both professionally and personally.

KHB idea 2.jpg

Full Identity

Primary Logo

Secondary Logos (Badges, Badge with Name, Name Alone)

UX/UI Design

This project allowed me to take the true identity of Kingdom Home Builders and apply it to a revamped website, which I was able to do the UX/UI Design for. The site was ultimately developed by Nominee Design Studio Web Director Tim Giddens.





Brochure Design and Layout