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Lahoma Threads - Apparel Design


Lahoma Threads Clothing Co.

Spring 2014 - Fall 2015|  Norman, OK

Apparel Design | Social Media Campaign

In a way, my journey as a designer started when I created my own clothing company. Lahoma Threads was an idea I had to create a company that celebrates the soulful side of the outdoors. During my time in college at the University of Oklahoma, I have met a lot of people who love getting outside and feeling a part of something bigger than themselves in nature. Thus, why was there not a local company and brand for these people to identify with? From there, Lahoma Threads was born, encouraging people to explore and seize adventure wherever they were. Over time, the brand has become bigger than we would have ever hoped for and is even in local stores. After things picked up as a freelancer and full-time designer elsewhere, I sold the majority of the company and now am less involved in the company.


Apparel Design

Our apparel is centered around the company's mission: to celebrate the outdoors. This is accomplished through design and copy that reinforces this lifestyle. Apparel includes the brand name at times, and at other times does not. We believe an integration of brand-centered and design-centered content will help convey the company's message.

Social Media

For a small company with little cash to splash, social media has been our primary medium for advertising and reaching our audience. Getting to create and control the content we release on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter is one of my favorite parts of the business. Our content is aimed to be an extension of our brand and express new ideas for apparel and designs. Our social media content consists of 3 types of content: people experiencing the outdoors in our gear, new designs we are considering, and shots of our products alone. We have found this to the the most successful combination of content to engage our audience! 

Web Design

Our web design has been something that has, like the company, grown and improved over time. Our original website was great, but as our company grew, it needed a fresh new look. Our new website is more focused on expressing our values in a more engaging and colorful manner.

New Website 

See the new website navigation below! 

Summer Campaign

This past summer, we wanted to run a digital campaign that would get people talking about Lahoma Threads. We wanted them to experience the soulful side of the outdoors, so that's what we encouraged them to do! I directed, shot, edited and even starred in our video encouraging people to go outside. The video was a huge success. With over 5,000 people exposed and 100+ likes across various platforms, it was only the beginning. From there, we began creating social media content every day, encouraging people to get outside. The content was primarily hand-drawn designs I was creating, along with photography to inspire adventure. By the end of June, we had a plethora of new designs to choose from for our apparel, and people were loving them! But we couldn't make all of the designs into shirts. So we held a 2-week long vote to see which designs would make it to the fall line. Voters had the chance to win an online discount or even a free shirt! The turnout was incredible! Over 100 people voted online for their top 3 designs. Along with this, we gained 134 Instagram Followers and 59 Facebook Likes. This was all done without any paid advertising! Needless to say, our summer campaign was a HUGE SUCCESS!


Voting Post