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Fall 2015 // Guthrie, OK

Logo Design

Guthrie America is a non-profit organization focused on cultivating a unique entrepreneurial and creative culture in the city of Guthrie. I challenged myself with transforming their logo to better represent the brand they offer!

Logo transformation

Before (L), After (R)

Before (L), After (R)


Wildwood Community Church

Spring 2016 // Norman, OK

Apparel Design


This Spring I was approached by my church to design the t-shirt for the youth ministry's local weekend retreat. The theme of the weekend was "Awaken" and I was challenged with creating a design to incorporate the theme in to a shirt that would get the high-schoolers excited about the weekend. As I'm often inspired by the outdoors, I drew from time I spent watching the sunrise in Haleakala National Park in Maui, Hawaii. Watching the Earth awaken with the sunrise was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen. It gave me a sense of being a part of a bigger story. Thus, this inspired my design for a shirt with the same theme!



Fall 2014 // Norman, OK

Branding, Print Design



The branding for the conference was a challenging one. The client desired the conference brand to be playful due to the topic (children's mental health) yet mature for the audience that would be attending (primarily adults). Ultimately, I decided to choose old-school biplanes that would play off the name of the conference, "Soaring to New Heights."


* I did not handle the creative direction of the video above, but was in charge of the branding of the event.