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Randy's Coffee



Randy's Coffee

Spring 2016  |  Medicine Park, OK

Branding  |  Packaging

Meet Mountain Dad

Meet Randy. If you've ever been to the Wichita Mountain National Wildlife Refuge in Southwest Oklahoma, you probably know him as Mountain Dad. He's been a ranger there for decades, and his knowledge of the land is unmatched. His love for Oklahoma and the mountains he calls home is only matched by his love for coffee. Coffee is a must for Randy each morning on the job, and is one of his favorite things to bring on a backpacking trip. Why? He blends and roasts his own coffee! It is a necessity for all of his adventures, and he's decided to share his "mountain coffee" with others! Randy's Coffee is something he wants people to be able to take with on their adventures, not just to enjoy in the store. Now you can bring Mountain Dad's coffee with you on your next venture outside!


The branding challenge was simple: brand the coffee that Randy loves. So what did we focus on? Who Randy is! He is not someone who likes to puff things up; he is a tough guy who is gritty and passionate. 


Above: Flavors (from L to R) - Original Blend, Bison Dark Roast, Sunrise Breakfast Blend, Decaf Blend


Cup Design

For the cups we wanted to keep it consistent with the brand. The inspiration of camp-side coffee was important to Randy. In order to accommodate this, I incorporated the the mountains into the rest of the cup design.