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Spring 2019 | Austin, TX

Illustration | Apparel | Packaging | UX | Kickstarter Campaign


Various works from my time working with the team at Kammok.

Technical Product Illustrations



Giving Kammok a more technical feel that makes product features instantly visible to the customer. Set up in a packaging system that allows for the rest of the product line to adopt this packaging. Now live in REI!

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Packaging Iconography

KMK_icons from packaging-02a-01.png

Website Navigation UX and Product Iconography

Kammok was looking to update the navigation of their site and enlisted me for help. The old website had large white gutters on each side of the site, leaving a large amount of real estate to bring a more wholistic navigation experience and product listing for the user. Along with altering the layout, I created a simple icon for each product to give the user a quick reference for the product, helping them know which product they were clicking to view. View the updated site here.

Mantis Kickstarter Campaign

Getting to help Kammok launch their Kickstarter campaign for the Mantis All-in-One Hammock was a great chance to learn more about their product development process and contribute to the team in a new way. In under 24 hours, this project was fully funded. Fore the campaign I assisted in creating the design elements you see when you visit the page (like below). To see more of my work on the Kickstarter campaign, view the page here.

Mantis_Portfolio Illustrations-02.jpg
KMK_Mantis Kickstarter_Environments-01-03.png
Mantis_Portfolio Illustrations-01.jpg
KMK_Mantis Setup Sheet-02.jpg