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MP Cloud


MP Cloud Technologies

February 2019 |  Austin, TX

Branding | Illustration | UX & Front-End

Giving an EMS software company new life.

About: The cloud-based solution to the archaic struggles of EMS software.

As the only fully-hosted, 100% cloud-based software for end-to-end patient-cycle management, MP Cloud Technologies support hundreds of private and municipal EMS providers throughout the United States with groundbreaking technology. Desiring a brand to match their challenger status in the market, I led the creative direction in giving them a bold identity to help catch the industry’s attention. I designed all the components below. From tradeshow banners to digital ad campaigns, there is more to be added as this is an ongoing project! Check back for more. Work completed at 97 Degrees West.


The logo symbolizes MP Cloud Technologies’ core values: The cloud represents the innovative solution their technology provides with the only cloud-based, end-to-end EMS software. The red pulse signifies that reliable service and support are at the heart of what they do.


Website (View Live Here)

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Branding Collateral (Business Cards and Brochures)

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